For Wayne

Dear Wayne,

It is difficult to believe that a year has passed since you left us behind. The truth is that the past year has been the most difficult of my life. My heart breaks daily in remembrance of you. I often think back to the last time I saw you (june 2010). I see you standing in the kitchen at mom and dad’s house and as I begged you to take care of yourself. I see the smile on your face as I tell you that if something were to happen to you I didn’t think mom and dad would survive and that I knew I would not. I hear you tell me that “I’m going to be ok baby.”

You were wrong.

So here I am a year and 1 week after you passed and I have decided to put my memories of you and our family’s life here in this blog. I’m hoping it helps me learn to cope with your loss, and I hope it proves to be a worthy tribute to your beautiful spirit!

We love and miss you my sweet brother!

The past year has taught me many things. I have learned of deep loss, of deep regrets and of reflections. I have learned that one should never take for granted those we love, for all too soon they can be snatched away without warning.

Where to begin? Do I start with the incident a year ago? Or do I start instead with that wonderful day you came into our lives? God blessed us in ways unimaginable when he gave our family the son our parents never thought they would see. Yes, I think I should begin at the beginning that is the only place that truly makes sense!

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Hello world!

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